Make complex trades (very) quickly and automatically

trayd translates simple instructions into complex trade orders. Don't know where the price will go? Place a stop-loss and a take-profit simultaneously and set up other configurations in no time.


Place orders easily across exchanges

Connect your exchange API accounts and switch between exchanges with one click

Set up alerts and conditional orders based on price and other indicators and let trayd do the work

trayd keeps track of price fluctuations and execute your orders or notify you when necessary.

API Key Security

Your API keys are needed to connect to your trading accounts in order to execute your orders programmatically on your behalf. They are kept safe behind 4 levels of defense

SSL encryption

  • Communication between Server and Application is fully encrypted with SSL
  • Encryption protects you from eavesdropping and transparent man-in-the-middle attack

Coming Soon: Trade in groups with your friends

Build and share your investment strategies and crypto news with fellow traders directly on trayd. Seamless transition between group chat and bot-assisted trading on all major exchanges.

Participate in the wider crypto community by joining public chatrooms, creating your own and growing your following.

  • Join chatrooms
  • Create channels
  • Invite friends
  • Get news
  • Send & receive coins
  • Subscribe to price alerts
  • Send crypto to smart contracts
  • Get notified on price movements
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How trayd works

Access all major exchanges from one easy, intuitive and useful interface. Carry out arbitrage trades on the go or rebalance your portfolio.

All user data is safely stored & encrypted in the cloud using Google's hardened third-party devices (Google Cloud Platform).


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